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Ninebot segway

The Segway Ninebot is a battery powered hands-free electric vehicle with 2 wheels. With this special segway it is possible to ride on a wide range of both indoor and outdoor areas (including unpaved terrain). The device has something called ‘knee steering’ with which the driver of the Ninebot Segway Minipro can move and steer at lightning speeds.

The design of the Segway Ninebot is extremely ergonomic for optimal and easy control. The mini-vehicle is therefore equipped with precision sensors to record the movements of the user’s body extremely accurately. Driving, steering and braking has never been so smooth!

Segway-Ninebot: let's have some have fun!

The Segway Ninebot is the ultimate form of a relaxation toy. Drive around with it smoothly! However, it is also a great means of transportation, especially in large cities. With the Segway Ninebot you can, after some practice in regards to driving skills, move up to 4 times faster than if you simply walked.

The innovative steering technology of the Segway Ninebot always keeps you balanced. In addition to the Ninebot S, we also offer the Go Kart. The Go Kart can be used in combination with the Ninebot S. They can be purchased together, but also separately. Get the ultimate feel of karting with the Ninebot Go Kart in combination with the Ninebot S. It is designed for both kids (14+) and adults.

The Ninebot S has a rechargeable lithium battery. Under normal conditions, it is charged in roughly 4 hours. The device weighs just under 15 kg and has a load capacity of up to 85 kg. The Ninebot Segway is extremely easy to drive, it does not require any power. A conventional segway is hand operated and large in size. However, this Segway-Ninebot is operated with the knees and is therefore much more compact. Good coordination is of course important and if you fall, some athletic ability is favorable. In general, an age range of 16 – 50 years is therefore suited.

Treat yourself to the pleasure

Whether for fun or convenience, treat yourself to the Ninebot Segway. Never before have you been able to move around so easily and flexibly, wherever whenever.

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