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The way to get the racing feeling and drift at home: the Razor Crazy Cart. You can rotate completely around your axis with these electric racing machines and make spectacular drifts. These drift machines are very suitable for around the house; anyone can learn to drift with this. On this page we list the different Crazy Carts; both for children and adults. On our webshop you will find more information about the Carts, including prices, stock and specifications. There you can also find an overview of the available replacement parts.

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First of all, the regular Crazy Cart; this variant has been awarded for its flexible drift performance. This Crazy Cart is suitable for people up to 63 kilograms, so it is particularly suitable for children. Nevertheless, even for youth and adults it is a fun challenge to drift in the right way. You do this with the patented drift system; You can vary the rear swing angle so you can drive and drift in different positions (forward, backward, sideways and diagonally)! This produces cool images, watch the video below.


After the great success of the Crazy Cart, a variant was developed for adults (16+): the Razor Crazy Cart XL. This full-size, powerful drift kart brings out the kid in adults and achieves higher speeds than the first variant. With the drift bar you can control your drifts, spins and turns very accurately. Will you make the best 360? Below you can see a very cool demonstration of what you can do with this XL version!

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There is also a safe option available for the younger children, namely the Razor Crazy Cart Shift. This drift kart is suitable for children from 6 years old and there is a hidden speed switch on it. Allows parents to adjust the speed (from 4 km/h to 13 km/h) according to their children’s drifting skills; ideal for learning to tear safely and responsibly. The Crazy Cart Shift has a new and smaller frame with a simplified drift system.


As an official dealer, we have access to all Razor replacement parts, including the Crazy Cart. Check here for which devices parts are in stock. If you’re missing something, please don’t hesitate to contact us, there’s a good chance we can order it.

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The founder and creator of the Crazy Cart is the now 43-year-old Ali Kermani. Kermani had to hold onto his idea of ​​the Crazy Cart for 8 years because in the beginning his employers didn’t want to hear about his idea of ​​the Crazy Cart. He eventually left for an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, where he did so badly that the professors told him he had 10 weeks to find a product and make a business plan or he would be kicked out.

Now Kermani had to build a Crazy Cart. He paid two engineers to make a prototype. This earned him another 10 weeks of school. Time to make a business plan: he went back to Razor and bought back the rights. Razor sold them to him for $1. “It’s worthless,” they said. Kermani later proved them wrong because a few years later the Razor Crazy Cart was so popular that different variants have been designed such as the Crazy Cart Shift and the Crazy Cart XL.

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