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The best way to get that racing feeling and drift at home: the Razor Crazy Cart. With these electric drift machines you can rotate completely around your axis and make spectacular drifts; anyone can learn to drift with this. On this page we provide an overview of the different Crazy Carts, both for children and adults.

Crazy Cart parts & Repair

Need replacement parts? In principle, we can supply all parts for the Crazy Cart and other electric Razor products. It is also possible to bring your Crazy Cart for a repair service, so that you can drift again quickly. Please contact us via the contact form, or send an email to: info@thegrid-racing.com.

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Firstly the ‘standard’ Crazy Cart; This variant has been awarded for its flexible drift performance. This Crazy Cart is suitable for people up to 63 kilograms, and is especially designed for children aged 9 years and older. Yet it is a fun challenge for both youth and adults to drift correctly, at speeds of up to 19 km/h.

Drive like a go-kart or lift the Drift Bar to enter Crazy Cart mode. The patented drift system allows the driver to vary the rear caster angle, allowing you to drive and drift forwards, backwards, sideways and diagonally!


After the great success of the Crazy Cart, a variant was developed for adults (16+): the Crazy Cart XL.

This full-size, powerful drift kart brings out the child in adults and reaches higher speeds than the first variant (up to 23 km/h). With the drift bar you can control your drifts, spins and turns very accurately. Will you make the best 360?

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There is also a safe option available for younger children, the Crazy Cart Shift. This drift kart is suitable for children aged 6 years and over and has a hidden speed switch. This allows parents to adjust the maximum speed (up to 4 km/h or up to 13 km/h); ideal for learning to rip safely and responsibly. The Crazy Cart Shift has a new and smaller frame with a simplified drift system.

The Crazy Cart Shift Lightshow has multi-colored LED lights along both sides of the chassis, and the casters light up when the Cart is in motion.


Drifting with a Crazy Cart is possible even for the little ones.

With a speed of up to 3 km/h, this cart is suitable for children from 3 years (max 20 kg).

A first step on the way to the real deal!

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As an official dealer, we have access to all Razor replacement parts, including the Crazy Cart. Check here for which products parts are in stock. If you are missing something, please feel free to contact us, there is a good chance that we can order it.

We also offer a repair service, so you can get back to drifting quickly. Please contact us in advance for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Business to business

The Grid – Racing supplies Crazy Carts and parts to both private individuals and business customers.

We recommend that business customers contact us directly via the contact form or info@thegrid-racing.com. We can then make a suitable quotation for both Carts and parts.

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