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The grid specials

The edge

The Grid has its own barrier system, called The Edge. The Edge is manufactured through rotational molding, and is available in two sizes:
  • 60 centimeters for tight corners, +/- 7 Kg
  • 120 centimeters for fast corners and straights, +/- 12 Kg

The Edge is connected with ratchets and/or with Poly-ethylene (HDPE) strips. It is also possible to fill the barriers with water or sand. The Edge is available in several colors, with white combined with one contrast color being the most common.

benefits of The Edge
barrier system

Since the barrier are produced by means of rotational moulding, the walls are thicker than regular systems. In addition, the components are a mix of materials, resulting in high impact resistance. Due to the absorbing effect and extremely strong properties of The Edge, it is extremely suitable for indoor and outdoor karting tracks, but also for various outdoor events, in parking lots and as road separations.

  • safe system, high energy absorption
  • Available in all desired RAL colours
  • easy and fast to build to change or create a (temporary) track
  • doesn’t require much space
  • clean system with little to no maintenance