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Tillotson Racing

Tillotson Racing presents the Tillotson T4 Series—a new category of racing that provides cost-effective entry into the sport of karting. The T4 Series is designed to increase participation in karting with a user-friendly kart package that provides an easy to learn and competitive experience for both new and seasoned drivers. The T4 Series is the new base of karting!

The Grid – Racing are an official Tillotson dealer and supply both karts and all parts needed to race. The Grid can also supply services to prepare the kart for competition and support during races.


The T4 Series runs a mono-brand Tillotson chassis developed to suit the Tillotson TPP-225RS engine and specifically-designed tyres. In order to control costs, only stock chassis and engine components can be used in the series, and there is a dedicated technical rule set for the chassis, engine and carburetor. All countries will run the same equipment and rules package. In 2023 the T4 Series Netherlands is organized by NXT Racing, and each year, the top drivers around the world will come together to compete in the Tillotson T4 Series Nations Cup.

Race Calendar 2024
    • 24 March: Kartcircuit Pottendijk (Left)
    • 14 April: Kart-Club Kerpen (DE)
    • 02 June: The Kart Company Emsburen (DE)
    • 07 July: Kartcircuit Pottendijk (Right)
    • 22 September: Kart-Club Kerpen (DE)
    • 03 November: TT Junior track Assen


The T4-C1 chassis was designed specifically to suit the TPP-225RS engine with user friendliness in mind. The combination of the chassis and engine bring together optimum power and great handling to provide a fun and competitive race experience for both new drivers and seasoned karters. In order to maintain the low cost of the category, only stock parts such as the seat, axle and wheels are permitted for use on the T4-C1 chassis. User-related adjustments such as caster camber system, ride height and gearing configurations can be adjusted to suit driver preferences.

Besides the Junior and Senior kart, for drivers from 12 years old, there is also a T4 Mini kart available, which is suited for drivers from 7 years old. The T4 Mini is the ideal entry-level kart for young drivers and is the fastest mini 4-stroke class in The Netherlands.


The TPP-225RS engine was developed by Tillotson with extensive field testing by national and international championship karters over the last three years. It features a completely new crankcase design which is heavily supported to allow a larger size piston compared to other common four stroke engines. The larger, 72mm diameter piston provides excellent torque in the lower rpm band and offers exceptional driveability, making it extremely user friendly for new drivers.

Technical details:
– 225cc 4-stroke, 15 hp
– Motor weight: 17kg, total weight kart: 69kg
– PVL Digital Ignition limited to 6.500 rpm
– Tillotson HW Series carburetor calibrated for the TPP-225RS engine
– Engine is sealed so no tuning is permitted – only adjustment to the valve clearance is allowed
– Up to 30 hours engine life without maintenance
– Billet CNC machined connecting rod/flywheel for improved strength and reliability
– New design Tillotson crankcase with extra support for the higher power output

Tyres, Engine Oil & Parts

Tillotson has developed a Tyre specifically for the T4 Series in conjunction with Maxxis Tyres designed to offer long life, sustained performance and suitable grip for a fun driving experience. The Tyre will be sold exclusively by one of the Tillotson T4 dealers in The Netherlands.

Tillotson partnered with XERAMIC® Kart Lubricants to develop an oil that offers longer engine life and optimum lubrication. The oil can detect contamination or additives by inspecting it with a UV lamp to eliminate cheating. The 4-stroke oil is made exclusively for Tillotson.

The Grid – Racing can supply all tyres, kart parts and lubricants. Contact us directly for more information: info@thegrid-racing.com.