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Rental Karts

Karting Services

By combining the previous models of Interkart and Eglem Karts under one roof, we can supply different types of rental karts based on your specific needs (gas, LPG and electric).

See here the different types of models currently available. More information to come, but feel free to contact us directly for more detailed specifications and/or prices.

Kart Parts

In addition to producing and supplying ready-to-drive karts, The Grid can supply all kart parts needed to keep your business going. As an official Honda dealer we can offer all Honda (GX) engines, as well as Honda parts. From tires to steering wheels to PE protection, we can deliver all parts you need for your kart fleet. Since we know your business needs to keep going, we prioritize short lead times, and most of the parts can be delivered within one or two working days. Please reach out for any specific requests or prices.

The Edge

The Grid has its own barrier system, called The Edge. The Edge is manufactured through rotational molding, and is available in two sizes:

  • 60 centimeters for tight corners, appr. 7 Kg
  • 120 centimeters for fast corners and straights, appr. 12 Kg

The Edge is connected with ratchets and/or with Poly-ethylene (HDPE). It is also possible to fill the barriers with water or sand. The Edge is available in several colors, with white combined with one contrast color being the most common. Since the barriers are rotation molded, it works like a cushion. The Edge barriers are strong, keep its shape and absorb a lot of energy with impact. Also, marshals can easily step on the barrier to bring themselves in a safe position when necessary.

Key Advantages:

  • safe system, high energy absorption
  • safe for both driver and marshal
  • easy and fast to build to change or create a (temporary) track
  • doesn’t require much space
  • clean system with little to no maintenance

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