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Electric steps

An electric scooter or e-step is a motorized two-wheeled means of transport without a physical seat, actually an electric scooter for standing upright. The scooter is mainly powered by one or two electric motors and is equipped with a battery in the bottom of the scooter. Furthermore, they have a typical range of about 25 km at normal speed (depending on the loaded mass, temperature, road surface, number of altimeters, (head) wind and aging of the battery).

A common and fast growing company in the E-steps is Ninebot-Segway, a company that merged in 2015. They have a wide range of e-scooters, from the ZING series which are more intended for children to the MAX series which are known as the bigger and faster scooters.

Electric steps and the Netherlands

The E-steps pictured above belong to the very latest series of Segway-Ninebot, the F series. We currently already offer these E-steps with a very modern look in our range.

In most cases, an electric scooter is not allowed on public roads in the Netherlands. In order to be able to go on the road, the scooter must be inspected by the RDW and after approval it can be used as a special moped. The requirements for this include that the maximum speed is 25 km/h and the maximum power of the electric motor may be 4 kW. To be allowed to ride the scooter in the Netherlands at all, you must also be at least 16 years old and the scooter must be insured. In England they are currently experimenting with shared scooters. If this project turns out positive, all electric scooters will probably be legalized. To this day there is no law in Serbia regarding the E-steps, which means that they are illegal there.

Origin Electric scooter

The first electric scooter was for sale from 1915. The company Autoped in Long Island, New York, first introduced this scooter, or the ‘scooter’. The contemporary design of the electric kick scooter is very similar to the scooter.

The electric scooters only really became known when the concept of the electric scooter came into play. The concept was born in Singapore. In 2016, four graduate students got the idea to rent out e-scooters to companies and tourists. This local pilot project quickly became a huge success, everyone wanted to try such an electric scooter. It was also very easy to drive and you can easily go anywhere.

In 2017, the Singaporean company launched its widely known features: smartphone control, QR code unlocking and GPS tracking.

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