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Have you ever heard of crazy carts? With this cart you can drive, turn or drift like a true racing professional. Not on a go-kart track, but at home on the driveway or on the street. The normal crazy cart is a real fun machine that you can buy. The device reaches top speeds of up to 19 km/h and is suitable for racers 9 years old and up. The load capacity is up to 63 kg, which means slim adults and older kids can easily take it for a spin.

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Are you an adult and / or are you heavier than 63 kg? Then you are better of buying the crazy cart xl. So yes you to can enjoy spectacular racing in your own driveway. That is because the XL version can bear a weight of up to 100 kg.

Buy a Crazy cart XL

Whether you decide to buy the XL version or the normal crazy cart, both guarantee racing fun. The racing monsters are equipped with an electric battery drive that lasts up to roughly 45 minutes. The powder-coated steel frame allows you to do a lot of antics and that is surely possible with these racing monsters. The Drift Bar allows drivers to make drifts, spins and turns that are fully controllable. If you decide to buy one of our crazy carts, you purchase a patented control system that makes unique drifting, turning and stopping possible by means of a special wheel construction.

Going backwards through the bend

Crazy carts are racing monsters suitable for the little ones. But adults can also buy the crazy cart xl with confidence. They both guarantee fun around the house. Going backwards through the corner, making 360 degree spins while driving and making abrupt stops in a spectacular way: it all becomes possible!

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